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Wheel Lock remover in NY

Wheel locks provide a great anti-theft deterrent, but they can also be a source of inconvenience and annoyance if you lose the special key needed to unlock them. Knowing how to use various wheel lock remover options will help you should you get caught in an emergency situation where you don’t have your keys but need access to your wheels.

Wheel locks are a type of enhanced lug nuts used to deter theft of wheels, rims and spare tires. Like lug nuts, they bolt wheels to a car or truck. Unlike standard lug nuts, wheel locks have a locking mechanism that makes their removal very difficult without a key. Many vehicle customization enthusiasts use the wheel locks to safeguard expensive custom rims and wheels. As custom rims and wheels can be quite expensive, installing wheel locks is a prudent measure to ensure their safety.

One problem car owners who use wheel locks often run into is the loss of their wheel lock key. Losing the key makes it difficult for car or truck owners to access their wheels should the need arise. This can cause considerable inconvenience in an emergency situation where tire removal may be necessary.

If you’re caught without your wheel lock key and need to remove them, there are a few options you can use. Keeping a universal wheel lock remover in your vehicle may be a good option, as this tool will allow you to remove the wheel lock with minimal damage. Another option is more difficult and should be used only in dire emergencies.

Using a jack, lift your vehicle to gain access to the wheel. Next, select a socket that can be force fitted to the wheel lock with a hammer. Use the hammer to apply the socket. A dead blow hammer is likely the best option for this task, as it provides significantly less rebound than normal hammers. Once the socket is on the locking nut, use a breaking bar to turn the wheel lock. When you’re done, the socket and the locking nut will be rendered useless, but you will have access to your wheel.

A better solution than using a universal wheel lock removal device or the method described above, may be calling a locksmith to respond to the situation.

In an emergency situation, contacting a qualified locksmith can help you access your wheels if you’ve lost the key to your wheel locks. Locksmiths have specialized tools to help them deal with lost wheel lock keys and similar situations and, more importantly, they also have the experience in using those tools to effect a safe removal of the wheel locks in order to avoid damage to them and your vehicle.

Finding a reliable locksmith company can be difficult, as there is often little for the customer to go by when making a decision concerning who to hire. Professional Locksmith in Brooklyn is a reliable locksmith company with locations throughout North America. For a locksmith company that you can depend on to handle lockouts, broken keys and wheel lock remover needs, this national locksmith company provides a standard of service customers can depend on to handle just about any situation.

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