Ten Tips for Securing Valuables at Home

Tips for Securing Valuables at Home in NY

Sometimes, installing the latest home security systems is not enough. Burglars with enough determination and experience will still gain access into our homes. They achieve this with alarming regularity, as is evidenced by the staggering statistics. This is why it is important to have steps in place to secure our valuables within our houses – and thinking creatively is paramount.

A burglar will tell you that they enter homes to steal money and valuables, and their aim is to get out as quickly as possible. Ensuring your valuables is time-consuming to find or difficult to access has clear advantages. It has to be said that a waterproof, fireproof home safe that bolts into the floor is the best method to use; and it can be provided by any of Our locksmiths. It is unlikely a burglar will manage to get into the safe, but they will certainly try; wasting valuable time in the process. Forget hiding important objects under mattresses, in your underwear drawer or behind toilet tanks.Variations of these ten tips will help secure your valuables at home:

Intelligent Hiding Places

  1. Set up a decoy. There are numerous ways to distract burglars. By leaving some money (between $50 and $500) in an obvious place, a harried burglar may think there is not much else to find. On your bedroom dresser, leave a jewellery box out. A fake safety-deposit key in a thoughtful place means that you must be keeping your valuables elsewhere. The thief will take what they can and get out quickly.
  2. Wrap your valuables in foil and put it in the freezer. While a burglar will gleefully tear your house apart, they will not waste time unravelling every food item in your fridge.
  3. Bury valuables underneath soil inside a pot of a fake pot plant.
  4. Inside your children’s toys. A truly messy scenario to even contemplate going through individually.

  5. Use a container, particularly if it is not finished yet. Coffee cans, aspirin bottles or whatever else you can find. Store it where it should be; on the correct shelf.

  6. If you have a library, hide it within a book. In between pages is an old idea but it works really well. Although the thief may check a book or two, they certainly will not check them all.

Build Your Own Hiding Places

  1. Once again; a waterproof, fireproof home safe bolted to the floor is fantastic.
  2. Fake permanent house fixtures are ideal. Fake plug sockets come with keys and are an innovative home safe. Drains, air vents, thermostats and similar fixtures are absolutely brilliant.
  3. Build hidden crawl spaces underneath your house. Utilize spaces such as air ducts if you live in an apartment.

  4. You can modify furniture. Create concealed spaces in cupboards, drawers, coffee tables, cabinets, doors and anything else you desire.

Using these tips in conjunction with each other will provide you with mega security for your valuables, particularly if combined with a quality bolt-to-floor home safe that is both fireproof and waterproof. Once you have found creative hiding spots, you can throw intruders off the trail by planting a fake-stash decoy. Remember that burglaries do not often last more than ten minutes. The main aim is to get in and out as quickly as possible – with as many valuables as can be found.

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