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 There’s nothing more inconvenient than getting in the car to drive somewhere, only to slam the seat in frustration as your key breaks off in the lock. This situation is an annoying hassle, but it’s a hassle that can easily be avoided. All that you need to do is make sure that you have car key replacements made before your old keys break.

Before keys break, they are usually weakened by barely visible cracks. You should inspect your car keys from time to time to check for burgeoning cracks. Also, it’s a good idea to have back-up keys made so you have a copy on hand in case something does happen to the key you use on a daily basis.

It is good to have car key replacements made before the original key breaks. Oftentimes broken or bent keys are more difficult – if not impossible – to copy. Even if a key isn’t broken, sometimes the original can become so worn from use that copying it may become problematic. Thus you should have a copy made while the original is still in good condition.

As a key holder, you should be aware that keys can become less precise with every generation of copying. Key copies can pick up errors along the way and so a copy of a copy of a copy may not properly open the lock for which it is intended. Thus, it may be a good idea to keep an unused original key in a safe place and use a copy on a daily basis. That way, whenever you lose or break your key and need to have another made, you will be able to give the locksmith an original key to duplicate. You can also help ensure the integrity of your key by going to a locksmith instead of a general hardware or department store; professional locksmiths have more expertise in key-making and are more apt to make precise copies.

If the key is not physically broken but the fob portion not working, then you probably do not need a car key replacement – you may simply need to change the batteries in the fob. However, you don’t need to go to the manufacturer or dealer merely for new batteries. Your local locksmith may carry fob batteries and if not they can at least direct you to the appropriate batteries to order. Although replacement fob batteries are fairly cheap, going to your locksmith will be less costly than getting help from your dealer.

Sometimes, the key fob may malfunction for other reasons. For instance, you may just need to reprogram or reset your key fob. Sometimes having electrical work done on your car may make it necessary to reset your fob. Directions for doing so are usually shown in your car owner manual, although a qualified Your Auto Locksmith in Brooklyn can also help you with key fob reprogramming.

Finally, when you are ordering a replacement car key, you should make sure that you know whether or not your original car key has a transponder chip. Newer model cars often have keys with embedded transponders – and the car will not work unless it sense the presence of the transponder near the ignition. Although the transponder is sometimes contained within the fob, it is not the same thing as the fob. If your car requires a transponder, you may have to go to the dealer for key programming, although you can still save money by have the fob programming and key cutting done by a locksmith.

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