Locksmith Prices: How Much Should You Pay?

locksmith prices in New York

Locksmiths are a real godsend when it comes to an emergency; however, if you’re in a situation where you need a locksmith’s services pronto and you have never hired one before, when you get the bill, you might be in a state of shock.  Therefore, before you ever get into an emergency situation, it’s a good idea to know around how much a locksmith will charge for certain types of services.

 Most experts on personal safety and security will always recommend that a person have the phone number of a local, 24-hour locksmith programmed into their mobile phone or written down somewhere and kept in a safe place like a wallet or purse.  However, you need to go one step further than that in order to be prepared, so call your 24-hour Queens locksmith if you’re in New York and ask how much he or she charges for emergency services such as unlocking a car door or letting you back into your home or apartment.

 While it’s always best to contact your local locksmith and ask for prices, here is a list of services most locksmiths provide and estimates of how much they charge.  Remember, this is only a general guideline; some will charge more, and some will charge less.  Also keep in mind that a locksmith will need to charge for distance travelled, and will charge more if the locks are complicated or require a lot of work.


Average Prices in the United States

Labor Charges
Service Call (Emergency to your home if you’ve lose your keys or locked them inside) $75
Hourly Rate (charged if locks are difficult/complicated) $80
Auto Opening Call (distance travelled may be charged on top of this) $75
Key Duplication
American Single Cut $4
American Double Cut $5
Foreign Single Cut $4
Foreign Double Cut $6.50
Sidewinder Auto Key $70
Transponder Key $75
Flat Steel $7
Tubular Key $8
Bit Key $11
Safety Deposit Key $8
High Security Key $15
Best/Falcon Key $6
Key From Broken Sample $9
Re-Key Cylinder  – In Shop
Key-in-knob $17
Rim / Mortise $12
Set To MK system $18
High Security $20
Pick or Shim Cylinder Open $6
Best $18
Safe Deposit $35
Tubular $20
Vehicle Locks – In Shop
Standard fitting US Ignition Key $75
Standard fitting GM Vats Key $90
Standard fitting Foreign Ignition Key $90
Standard fitting Transponder Key $100
Standard fitting Sidewinder Key $130
Door Re-key $35
Standard fitting Motorcycle Key $90
Keys (Code)
American Single Cut $15
American Double Cut $20
Foreign Single Cut $20
Foreign Sidewinder $60
Suitcase $10
Tubular $30
Motorcycle $25

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