Lock smith info

Lock smith info

The Necessary Technical Terms Used in Locksmithing

Locksmithing is one of the fastest growing industries. You have to learn several things about this particular industry. This is why you should attend the training program for locksmiths. During the training, you will encounter some terms that are known to be the technical words and phrases for locksmithing. The following are the technical phrases used in this profession:
Technical Terms Used By Locksmiths

  • Bit – This is a portion of a key that is responsible for the engagement of the lock’s locking mechanism.
  • Bolt Stump – It is a rectangle shape portion of the lock that you can find over the talon. It passes over the slot within the levers while the bolt is moving.
  • Change key – Usually, a change key is given to a person that require an access to 1 or more areas inside a building.
  • Key code – It is a chain of alphanumeric figures used by locksmiths in making a new piece of key.
  • Key blank – This is the kind of key which does not have a specific bit.
  • Key relevance – It is the measurable dissimilarity between the original key and its duplicate.
  • Maison key method – Is the keying method that allows unlocking of the lock using a set of unique and individual keys.

Additionally, you will be taught with the various techniques used in unlocking car locks. The steps on how to make a duplicate car key and how to create a new key for security purposes are also included in the course outline of the training program.

Lock smith info

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