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File Cabinet Locks in NY

It is often thought that in the information age with all its electronic documents that the demand for file cabinets would be diminished. Yet, file cabinets are the staple of homes and offices everywhere, and anytime you have papers or documents that you need to keep safe and secure, then a good file cabinet is what you need. File cabinets come in different shapes, sizes and layouts and there is one to suit every individual’s needs.

File Cabinets can be made of metal or wood and some are even made of plastic. You get vertical file cabinets and horizontal file cabinets; some come with file cabinet locks built in while others can be fitted with the lock of your choice.

Ultimately, the choice you make is determined by the sensitivity of the files you need to secure, and therefore by the type of lock on the cabinet itself.

Types Of File Cabinet Locks

Without a lock a file cabinet is only a storage facility, but a good lock makes it more secure and you can now store all your important documents in it, away from prying eyes. File cabinet locks can be divided into two distinct types; they are either mechanical or electronic.

Mechanical Locks

Most people still prefer the traditional lock and key type locks, and there are a wide variety of mechanical locks available to choose from. A file cabinet can have any of the following types of locks: cam locks, tubular cylinder locks, plunger locks, pad locks and pin and disc tumbler locks. For the best advice on which mechanical lock is most suited to your needs you should speak with your local Locksmith in Bronx.

When it comes to choosing a file cabinet, vertical metal file cabinets are the most common type available and most have one of two types of locks; cam locks or plunger locks. A cam lock is activated when the key rotates the lock and unlocks all the cabinets in that row. A plunger lock is opened with a key but can be closed by pushing the lock body in.

Electronic Locks

With electronic locks you generally enter a numeric sequence that opens an electromechanical device. Electronic locks offer a wide variety of benefits over mechanical locks and amongst these are:

  • No Need For Keys

For people who are prone to losing keys or have a lot of keys to carry around with them, an electronic lock is best. There is also no need to make extra keys if you want to give additional people access to your file cabinet.

  • It Is Faster To Open

Besides removing the clutter of extra keys, electronic locks are also faster to open than their mechanical counterparts; by simply typing in your secret code you have instant access.

File cabinets are a personal choice and should be chosen carefully based on your requirements; the more sensitive the information that needs to be protected, the more specialized your filing cabinet and cabinet lock will need to be.

Fortunately, file cabinet locks are the speciality of your locksmith so you can easily access the best and most current information before you make your choice. Be smart and do your research before you buy and your file cabinet will be an investment that lasts for years.

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