Info on Tires and Suspensions of used Cars

Tires and Suspension of Used Cars
When buying used cars, it is important to check its tires. It would be worth checking if tires are really fitted and weren’t painted with black just to look new. It is essential to make sure that all tires are the same and are made with reputable brands. The condition of the tires determines the amount of life you can get out of them. Certain wear of the tires…

NICB`s annual report on car robbery

Top Ten Most Stolen Cars on NICB’s List
The NICB’s list of top ten most stolen cars of 2011 are compiled by means of using the vehicle theft data that is submitted by the law enforcement to NCIC or National Crime Information Centre. Here are the complete top ten lists.
The first one in the list is the 1994 Honda Accord, followed by the 1998 Honda Civic, the 2006 Ford Pickup comes in third…

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