Advocating For Insurance Work After A Break-In

Advocating For Insurance in NY

After a burglary or break-in attempt, most business or homeowners will want to have their locks replaced, repaired or re-keyed in order to improve security or fix damage that occurred during the intrusion. Many property owners will be able to take advantage of protection offered by their homeowners or other insurance policy to cover these costs. To make your insurance work, you need to know your policy and be a strong advocate for yourself.

When a break-in occurs, the most important thing you can do is to immediately report the incident to the company that insures your business or residential property and file a claim. The agent on the other end of the line should be able to inform you whether service for your locks is covered by your insurance. Services such as locksmithing may be covered by some policies and excluded by others. Often locksmith services may be insured under coverage for vandalism in your policy.

If you feel that your policy does cover locksmith work, but your insurer is refusing to cover the cost of the repair work, consult your policy. You should keep all insurance policy documents in a safe place where you can easily access them in the event you should need to file a claim. If you feel your claim has been wrongly denied, begin the appeals process with your insurer.

The key to making your insurance work for you after a break-in or other event is making sure that you know your policy and that it is written in clear and unambiguous terms. When purchasing a home or business property insurance policy, ask your agent whether locksmith services are covered in the policy and have him or her explicitly explain under what circumstances this coverage is available. Make sure the language of your policy reflects this understanding.

If your policy does not currently cover locksmith services, call your agent and see if he or she can add these services as a rider to your policy. You may have to pay a little more, but the coverage may be worthwhile, particularly if your home or business is in an area that has been frequently victimized by break-ins and vandalism.

Homeowners and businessowners aren’t the only insurance clients who may have locksmith work covered by their policies. If you’re locked out of your vehicle, your auto insurance policy may cover the cost of having a Locksmith in Brooklyn come to your location to unlock your door or to make a duplicate key. Many auto insurance policies cover these costs as part of their roadside assistance services they offer to their clients. Insurers often have a 24-hour line their clients can call to inquire about covered insurance work, such as towing and other roadside assistance.

By knowing your policy and working with insurance agents and locksmiths, you can ensure that you receive the protection you paid for and avoid some of the financial damages associated with a burglary or attempted break-in. In today’s tough economy, homeowners and entrepreneurs need all the help they can get. Ensuring you get the full protection you’re entitled to from your insurance policy is one way you can help yourself.

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