A Safe Home Is A Happy Home

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When we think about home safety, our first thought is of protecting our house from intruders. Yet, according to statistics, home safety should begin from inside our homes. Keeping babies and young children safe from harmful chemicals, medicines, alcohol and other potentially dangerous items should be the priority of every parent. Fortunately, keeping your children safe from the dangers within your own home does not have to be a complex or expensive process and starts with something as simple as installing cabinet locks.

Child Poisoning Statistics

According to statistics from the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, between 2004 and 2005 approximately 71 000 children younger than 18 were attended to in Emergency Rooms for poisonings from medications other than the abuse and use of recreational drugs, with more than 80% of these incidents caused because an unsupervised child found and ingested medications in their home.

Most of these poisonings occurred in children younger than the age of 6, with one in every 180 two-year old child emergency room visit being due to medication poisoning that occurred in the home.

These are shocking statistics, especially since they are 100% preventable.

How To Keep Your Child Safe In Your Home

You can easily avoid a trip to the emergency room, as well as the added stress of worrying about the safety of your child by simply installing child proof cabinet locks on the relevant cupboard doors in your home. This is a simple and cost effective solution that will ensure lasting peace of mind. Discuss your requirements with your Local Locksmith who is the best qualified to give you advice on the right locks to suit your needs and your home.

Child proof locks come in various designs; from a ‘plastic rod with a hook design’ to a more advanced electromagnetic mechanism that can be controlled by remote control.

Once you have obtained the best locks to suit your needs, you should install them on all of your cupboards and cabinets that contain cleaning liquids, gardening pesticides, medicines and any other dangerous liquids or chemicals.

An often forgotten, and yet very dangerous area in the home is the makeup drawer. Surprisingly, makeup is one of the prime candidates in child poisonings.

How To Keep Your Valuables Safe From Curious Little Hands

Little children are by their very nature curious; they love to touch and taste everything that they can lay their hands on. For this reason, child proofing your cabinets is not only prudent but also essential. Apart from keeping your little ones away from dangerous chemicals and medicines, it is also necessary to keep them away from sensitive things such as important documents and fragile items which can be broken and can again hurt your child.

Don’t Forget About Your Pets

Interestingly enough keeping your home safe is not only about your little ones. Many pet lovers will attest to the curiosity of their furry friends. Cats love to open cabinet doors to get to the tasty treats inside. By locking your cabinet doors you will not only be keeping your children and your valuables safe, you will also be keeping your pets safe.

A Safe Home Is A Happy Home

Keeping your home safe from external harm is something that every homeowner will do automatically, yet very few consider the dangers that come from within. A simple precaution early on can prevent worry and heartache later on.

By simply installing some good quality cabinet locks on cupboards and cabinets that contain dangerous substances, you will be assured that your loved ones are safe and that your home is truly your family’s ‘safe haven’.

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