A Basic Locksmith’s Toolkit

Locksmith’s Toolkit in NY

Locksmithing and lock picking as a hobby, commonly referred to as locksport, is gaining in popularity, as more people come to appreciate the intellectual and physical challenge offered by finding ways to defeat locks. Tool sets used by locksmiths are an important acquisition to make if you are interested in pursuing this hobby. Making sure you get the right tools will help you better enjoy locksport and allow you to progress in the hobby thereby conquering increasingly difficult locks.

One of the most important locksmithing tools you’ll need is a torsion wrench. In fact, you’ll probably need several of them in differing sizes. The “L”-shaped torsion wrench allows the locksmith to apply torque to a lock’s plug which allows picked pins to be held in place. Once the locksmith picks all pins, the wrench then turns the lock and opens it.

Picks are another essential part of any locksmithing hobbyist’s tool kit. You’ll need a wide range of picks to work on different locks. Tool manufacturers make a staggering number of pick types, but some of the more common and necessary ones include half diamond picks, rake picks and hook picks.

Another helpful tool you should include in your kit is a plug spinner. Plug spinners can come in handy when a lock is picked in the incorrect direction, and you need to move the lock’s plug without having to go back and pick the pins again.

One essential tool used by professional locksmiths for many residential locks is the Adams Rite Tool. This tool helps locksmiths exploit a common weakness on aluminum frame glass doors to obtain quick and easy access. A skilled lock picker can insert the hooked end of the Adams Rite Tool into the latch and use it to quickly turn the lock and open the door. Latch guards can present some difficulty for users of the tool, but this problem can be typically overcome with an air wedge.

If you’re interested in opening car locks, one essential tool you’ll need is the Jiffy-Jak. The Jiffy-Jak is a special long reach tool you can use to unlock just about any car without scratching or chipping its paint.

Once you gather the right tools, you’ll need constant practice to improve your skills as a locksmith, as it takes considerable time to develop the skills needed to determine what tools are necessary for a lock picking job and how to best use them.

One of the most fun parts of lock sport is having the opportunity to compete against fellow enthusiasts at events. In one competition commonly conducted at events, contestants are each supplied with a burlap sack containing locks. Tool choices are limited to tool sets also included in the sack. The contestants then must use the tools to blindly pick the locks in the sack. Knowing your locksmithing tools well enough to pick a lock by feel alone is a handy skill to have for this event.

If you’re interested in locksmithing tools, consider visiting Professional Locksmith in Queens. The licensed, trained professionals there can give you advice on where to get the training and tools you need to take up the hobby, and direct you to further resources if you’d like to take up locksmithing as a career.

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