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Four Ways to Beat Burglars



Three quarters of the crimes committed in New York City are property crimes. Unfortunately, that means your chances of being a victim of a theft or burglary is higher in New York than in many other areas of the country.

Fortunately, simple changes to your home security can drastically reduce your odds of being victimized.

A good New York locksmith can:

  1. Install a deadbolt that penetrates at least one inch into the door frame. A high-quality deadbolt properly installed in a good door is the first step to prevent a break-in.

 KeyPass Locksmith offers fast, affordable service on all installations and repairs.

  1. Protect your windows with decorative grilles or window bars. Windows are the number one point of entry for burglars. If your home is on a lower story or if your windows are accessible from a fire escape, you must secure them.

KeyPass offers a variety of attractive window grilles that are highly secure and aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Install keyed sash locks on your windows. The typical sash lock is easy to pry open – this is one reason why even locked windows are such a common point of entry for burglars.

Slow down intruders by using a high-quality, key-operated lock on all window sashes.

  1. Secure sliding glass doors with a deadlock. Sliding doors can be jimmied horizontally or even lifted off their tracks from the exterior. A high quality deadlock system will hold the door in place even against the most determined intruder.

KeyPass Locksmith offers an array of deadlocks and other hardware designed to prevent unauthorized access through sliding doors.

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KeyPass Locksmith is a New York locksmith with a stellar service record and years of experience.

We offer a full array of locksmith services through out New York City.

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At KeyPass, we’re proud to be a New York locksmith who can serve all your needs. When you hire us, you can be sure that you’ll receive:

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We are a trusted New York locksmith, and we can help ensure that all your property is safe and secure.

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